Author: Matthew Davies

Safe Gun Handling Saves Lives

I was reading one of my favorite firearm related forums, and someone posted about an incident.  One of the close friends of the family had bought a new firearm, was struggling with operating it, and eventually wound up fatally shooting themselves in the chest.  Nobody else was present, so the true details are unknown.  However, the probable explanation seems to be: The victim attempted to clear the gun by racking the slide, then dropping the magazine.  Not realizing there was a round still in the chamber, continued to attempt to manipulate the slide, with a cocked single action pistol...

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Test Your Ammo

There are endless discussions about what is the best defensive ammo to use.  There are an equal amount of videos trying to prove what the best is, show ballistics gel performance and such. There is no end to data to make a difficult decision even more difficult. Once you have made that decision, it’s really important that you test your chosen ideal defensive ammo in YOUR weapon.  It doesn’t matter what results the YouTuber got with their gun if the performance is not the same in your gun.  Now a lot of people will say ammo is ammo.  It should be...

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Advice from a Sheriff

There is a great article on the American Rifleman’s blog that is advice from a real Sheriff.  It’s advice we’ve all probably heard before and just pay lip service to.  That’s because practice isn’t sexy.  Buying the newest gun or the newest weapon light, or a new holster is a lot more fun.   But when we are preparing to protect our lives and the lives of those we care about, how good we are is FAR more important than how good our gun is.  And if it takes you hearing it from a Sheriff, then here you go:...

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