Welcome to Suburban Gun Owner! My name is Matt Davies.  I am a suburban gun owner, a firearms enthusiast, a competition shooter and a firearms instructor.  I realized that so much of the firearm information out there is designed with a certain person in mind.  There tends to be a heavy leaning towards the tactical operator and those that want to emulate them.  There is also a deep infusion of political stance in most of that information.  I wanted to provide useful information for the rest of the firearm owners who fit a different group of people.  For the people who have made the conscious decision to own a firearm, usually for self-defense purposes, but do not have much more involvement in the world of firearms.

My website will bring practical information about how to safely own and use a firearm in real-life situations.  We will discuss topics like how firearms operate, how to keep them safely in your home, how firearms and children can coexist, how to clean and service your firearm and how to find training.  We will discuss self-defense with a firearm both inside and outside your home as well as the impact of using a firearm for self-defense. We will bring you useful gear reviews and suggestions, buying guides, money-saving and life-saving ideas. What you will not find is anything political – this is a bi-partisan source of information that does not judge.  There is no shortage of sources if you are interested in that.  While we may from time to time reference topics where they are relevant, we will not be focusing on tactical, military or police types of information and training.

We will provide you with useful new articles 2-3 times per week.  We also would love to hear from you and if there is a certain topic you would like to know about, shoot us an email and we will get working on it. We also invite you to join our newsletter.  You can do any of this on the Contact Us page or in the footer of any page.